Summer Swimming 2024!

Special programing June 15th through August 24th

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Private, semi-private and group lessons!

Weekday Private Lessons
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Group Lessons
(3 students)


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Semi-Private Lessons
(2 students)


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Meet your new favorite swim teacher

Penny Phoenix

Blowing Bubbles since 2006

With fifteen+ years of experience, I'm not your average swim instructor. I love the water - it's been my happy place my entire life. It is my privilege to share that joy with you and your children.

My philosophy is based on trust and bio-mechanics. Before we get swimming, we're going to get to know each other - whether you're 3 or 93, I want to know what your experience with water has been like. Then, once we've exchanged BFF bracelets, we're going to talk about how your body moves in the water (and WHY it moves that way). I'm not going to send you across the pool with a sloppy stroke - instead, we're going to work on the basics so you deeply understand how your body moves through the water. By the time we do put the strokes together, your swimming will be smooth, confident and relaxed.

I've spent years learning about the science of how our bodies move through water, but I'm not just a know-it-all when it comes to physics. I am also a giant nerd about nervous system regulation and motivation. Every lesson is uniquely tailored to you and your brain so that you get exactly what you need to feel safe exploring the next stage in your swimming journey.

Our Location

We are located at a private indoor pool in Maywood Park.
The pool is heated to 92 degrees!
Address: 4021 Northeast 105th Avenue, Portland, OR, USA

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